Headout Launches Safe Experiences to Help Rebuild the Tours & Activities industry

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry is witnessing a fundamental shift in consumer behavior. Higher hygiene standards, zero-contact services, and enhanced safety protocols now top the list of what travelers look for. Headout has launched Safe Experiences – a safety protocol designed to build trust and ensure the wellbeing of travelers, while continuing to deliver an experience of a lifetime. A Safe Experience on Headout has multiple safety measures in place that have been verified and displayed to users on a real-time basis. 

Headout has awarded the Safe Badge to 1900+ experiences in 25 countries and is rapidly roping in more partners to meet the new quality standards and implement the best safety standards as per WHO guidelines. Experiences like Vatican Guided Tour, Sagrada Familia and Burj Khalifa are a part of this program.

“At Headout, everything we do is to inspire our users to experience this wonderful world we live in. Today, safety and trust are the need of the hour to get back to the world as we knew it. With Safe Experiences, we have pioneered a massive data project to ensure our users get accurate and updated information on safety measures around the world.”, says Varun Khona, CEO and Co-Founder of Headout. 

Before accrediting the Safe Badge, Headout approbates five safety protocols that ensure traveler safety from multiple touchpoints. These include:

  1. Contactless Visits: Contactless entry and exit, minimal touch-services and the mandate of online tickets
  2. Safety Rules: Mandate of face masks, temperature checks, and social distancing measures
  3. Crowd Control: Capacity restrictions and time-slotted entry
  4. Sanitation Facilities: Sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning practices on-site, sanitisation of audio guides and transfer vehicles (if applicable)
  5. Trained Staff: Staff trained as per WHO guidelines 

Commenting on Headout’s Safe Experiences initiative, Sebastian Renzacci, CEO & Founder TripGuru said ,“In the post-pandemic world, travel companies need to excite customers as well as reassure them. Headout’s Safe Experiences initiative was seamlessly executed and helped us in turn ensure that we’re adhering to WHO safety standards” 

No crystal ball can tell us what the future of travel will be like, but the need of the hour is reassuring safety and Headout is committed to inspiring guests to experience the world we live in the safest manner possible. The company will be continually reviewing the safety measures and evolving health protocols to ensure operations are in line with government regulations, World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and industry best practices.

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